Sunday, 30 August 2015


Music has always been a big part of my life growing up, with bands like My Chemical Romance and Panic at the Disco being the soundtrack of my life during my teenage years, I believe it's really made me who I am today. 

An artist who has recently burst onto the scene is 20 years old Ashley Frangipane, more commonly known as Halsey. A singer/soundwritter who sings about sex, drugs and real life problems. She's not afraid to say what's what and put across what she has to say with catchy songs and meaningful lyrics. 

Her debut album Badlands was realesed a few days ago and what can I say, It is one of the few albums (along with Danger Days) that is so honest and every song is perfect lyrically and musically. With songs like New Americana which denounce the new generation of teenagers with lyrics like "We are the new Americana, High on legal marijuana, Raised on Biggie and Nirvana". 

What I'm saying is I love everything Halsey represents and I'm so glad there's a female role model like her in the media. Someone who is saying it's ok to be different, it's ok to be messed up, but just keep going. Even though she is the same age as me, I really look up to her artistically and how influential she has been after such a short time on the music scene. I'm really looking forward to see where she goes and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

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