Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tacky AF Wolf t-shirts

So. Apparently this is just become a blog I post to whenever I feel like it which isn't very often. I hope you all had a nice Christmas/whatever you celebrate and I hope all your new years resolutions succeed unlike mine. As I am unoriginal, I'm going to do another "wishlist" style post cause i'm a poor student who can't afford anything. Here are some of the most wonderful and tackiest wolf t-shirts that I wish I owned because I am Dan Smith.

1. DJ FEN T-SHIRT, The Mountain 20,00$
2. MOON SOLOIST T-SHIRT, The Mountain 20,00$
3. Midnight Wolf Tee, Urban Outfitters, 24,00$
4. Three Wolf Moon, Amazon, 20,00£
5. DJ NIGHT T-SHIRT, The Mountain 20,00$
6. Wolf Tee, Ebay, 7,49£

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