Tuesday, 1 July 2014

End of an Era

So a week and a half ago I finished my final exam and now i've finish with my old school for good. I never thought I say it but i'm really going to miss this school, I've met so many people and learnt so many things during the past 3 years and I really don't want to leave. But now it's time for a new start, even if it is scary, i'm super excited about it. On one of our last few days, Amanda and I went to our towns Chateau and walked around the gardens. It's super pretty so we took some pictures and enjoyed the sun, it was really nice just to relax for a while. (all of the photos of myself are taken by Amanda).

So now it's finally the summer holidays for a few months, I have to get everything sorted for university next year so hopefully that goes as plans, along with passing my exams. Also now I have more time to actually write blog posts and i'll try not to procrastinate and play WoW instead like I usually end up doing during the holidays. oops.

I hope you have a fantastic evening and I will try and blog more often now I have more time!