Saturday, 5 April 2014

Huge blog post

Oops, has it really been a month since i've posted on here? I've been super busy at the moment with visiting schools, exams and whatnot. So blogging hasn't been a priority for the moment. 

But now I have a lot to say so i'm going to start with a few weeks ago when I visited two film schools in Paris. I was super lucky because the day I went all transport was free, so it worked out a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be. Anyway, The first school I visited was right on the outskirts of Paris and took forever to get to. It also didn't have as much equipment as I hoped for. So after having a very french lunch of Subway (and a McDonalds raspberry frappé), I took the metro back into Paris to visit the second school. As this school is private it's kind of pricey, but it was amazing as it had a proper studio and recording area along with lots of cameras and equipment. So now I have to save up 14000€ for two years of school, plus more for an apartment. After visiting both of the schools, my parents and I still had some time until our train. So as the Metro was free we visited were the Louvre Museum is. I haven't actually been into the Louvre yet but hopefully this summer I will get to. 

I also went to England in the holidays to visit my family. Along with buying way too many clothes. I bought a lot of summery t-shirts from Primark as they are cheap and I actually really like the clothes that Primark sells. I also bought a My Little Pony tote bag along with a new backpack for school as the strap on my old one broke. I also visited Camden again and bought a tank top with a deer on it and a top hat. I've wanted one for ages since I saw the I Write Sins, Not Tragedies video when I was about 13. I also bought Lady Gaga's perfume "The Fame",  I've wanted it for ages so I got a 30ml bottle from Boots. I love it so so much, it smells amazing and the fact the liquid is black makes it even better.

Something else that happened a few days ago was "Père cent", It's a French tradition that every year for the students who are in their last year of school all dress up in costume for 100 days before exams, and stand in the street asking for money (pretty strange I know). I kind of revamped my halloween costume with a pleather skirt and a chiffon shirt. I wore my black wings along with the horns I made last year. It was really fun and a few girls came up to me saying they've wanted to talk to me all year, which was a huge confidence boast. Amanda and I got our pictures taken by a photographer in the schools studio with a load of other people from my class. After eating McDonalds for lunch paid for by my lovely boyfriend, We went out into the town to beg for money. And then was the long drive home later that evening. But in all it was really fun and I love dressing up so it was great.

So now I have to finish filling out all my inscription papers for next year. For once my exams aren't the thing thats worrying me but being excepted in to my dream school. I really want to go to Paris as I want a completely new experience, (and go to concerts every night).

I hope you all have a fantastic day, and hopefully I'll find time to blog more often.

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