Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S TO EVERYONE! I hope you all had fantastic nights whether you went out partying or had a quiet night at home. Like every year, my parents threw a pretty big party. I've spent every new year with my family since forever so I can't kill that tradition just yet. And my boyfriend was here as well so it was really nice. 

Sorry about the instagram picture, I'll take a better one soon!

Also I dyed my hair a darker red a few days ago as I'm trying to stop bleaching my hair this year as my hair is super dry and damaged. I really like it, even though I love having bright hair, my hair doesn't!

I'm so glad 2013 is over, to be honest it was a pretty rubbish year for me as I lost a lot of things and it was generally really bad. So roll on 2014!

As for new year's resolutions, I don't really have any real one but there are somethings I do want to improve.
  • As I said before I want to try and take better care of my hair, so no more bleaching Rosie!
  • Like most people I'm going to try a lot harder at school. I'm not doing badly but I want to be able to do a lot better.
  • Draw more! For an art student I really don't draw as much as I should.
  • Try new things and have more confidence as I am the most awkward person going.

So there we have it. I wish you all the best with 2014 and I hope it is the best year yet! Please tell me in the comments what your New Years resolutions are.

Also I just remembered, Sherlocks on today!

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  1. Your face is so cute wow
    Pretty theme as well n__n

    Good luck with your new years resolutions, Rosie!
    I just posted a new years resolutions tips/advice post and it would be great if you checked that out :))