Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Shoes!

This whole week and past few weeks back have been so stressful for me, I've had 2345676543 exams and people are asking what we want to do after this year and where we want to go and i'm just so confused and arghhhh. Hopefully everything will go as planned and all this worrying will have been for nothing. 

Anyway, on a happier note, I bought these amazing boots the other day for only 35€! What a bargain! I've wanted a pair of boots like this ever since i was about 14, and even now I love them so much and ahhhh. Their in pretty much perfect condition considering they're second hand, and they are New Rock so they don't exactly come cheap new. So I'm super happy with these and I feel like i'm from a video game when I wear them which is pretty much living the dream for me.

Other than school stressing me out and buying shoes, not much has happened in my life. The Doctor Who 50th anniversary is on this weekend and i'm super excited about that, as I am one of the biggest Doctor Who fans going, I even went to the Doctor Who experience a few years ago what was amazing!

I should be getting back to work now as I have crap loads of things to do this week, so I hope you are all well and things and I will try and post more on here when I have the time.

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